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Here's what a bunch of Markdown looks like on Markbase!


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You can highlight important parts of your text using two equals signs followed by text to highlight and then closed with two equals signs again.
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External links (to sites outside this domain) look like this
Internal links (to your own Markdown files) hover and look like this.


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For the first time in history, we have instantaneous access to the worldโ€™s knowledge. There has never been a better time to learn, to contribute, and to improve ourselves. Yet, rather than feeling empowered, we are often left feeling overwhelmed by this constant influx of information.
They can be split into Multiple lines Too


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This columnis left-aligned$1600
This oneis centered$12
And this oneis right-aligned$1


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// Here's what JavaScript code looks like
const sampleElement = "secondBrain";
const sampleObject = {
    fill: "this",
    in: true,
    the: null,
    blanks: 123123