One Click Publish

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Sync local files to your own online blog/digital garden

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There's no need to learn about GitHub, CI/CD pipelines or online hosting providers.
In three simple steps, you can set up an online blog/digital garden of your notes (like this website):
  1. Sign up for Markbase (and get your unique token)
  2. Download the Markbase for Obsidian plugin
  3. Create a project and choose the folder you want to upload online

πŸ’‘ Features

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  • Fast load times
    • Fast internal links (client-side routing)
    • Statically generated pages
  • Changes go live in minutes! (Just change a file in Obsidian and press the Sync button)
  • Rapid, full-text search (seriously, try it!)
  • View backlinks and a local graph of your notes
  • Optimized for SEO
    • Statically generated
    • Auto-filled metadata for every page
    • Slugs based on your file names
    • Automatic sitemap generation
  • Mobile/tablet optimized
  • Hover links (try this one)
  • Dark/light mode
  • Table of Contents and section/heading links
To see upcoming features and vote on ones you want most, check out the public roadmap!

πŸ“š API

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Currently Markbase only supports Obsidian, but we have a public API that you can use to build your own integrations while we work on creating custom ones for other networked thought and knowledge management platforms. View the documentation here API documentation.


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If you have any questions not on this list, feel free to email

What makes this better than all the other free Obsidian Publish alternatives out there?

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Markbase is completely non-technical - you don't need to learn about GitHub, do any special configuration steps in Notepad or learn about hosting providers like Netlify.
Literally all you have to do is create an account, install the plugin, choose a folder of Markdown files and that's it!
There are downsides - Markbase isn't open-source or as customizable as other GitHub-based alternatives. It's great if you're after an easy, low-hassle solution otherwise those other solutions are still out there!

I want {this feature} - can you add it?

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You can suggest and vote on features in the public roadmap! I read all of them and prioritize them according to votes. Thanks for your feedback - it helps heaps to know what the community wants in the early days.

{Something} doesn't work - what do I do?

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Markbase is definitely still in early development so there's bound to be bugs that surface during your use.
If you find one, submit a ticket in the help center, use the live chat in the app dashboard or email

Other pages

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Thanks to Jacky Zhao's Quartz project for design inspiration on notable elements (including hover links, graph and backlinks design). Highly recommend checking it out if you're interested in an open-source, potentially self-hosted solution.